“The Not Sensitive” Seoul

Today was reading an article entitled “Bendera Jadi Target Latihan Perang, Korut Marah“, one of articles on Yahoo! Indonesia page. Makes me so angry and having a statement in my head, “how South Korea is not sensitive at all!” The article is about the use of North Korean Flag in “War Game” by USA and South Korea, in a military war simulation.

The reconsiliation among two Korea was always become a hot issue among people who want peace in Korean Peninsula. But I guest that the use of North Korea Flag in those ‘game’ was a high expensive price that must paid by Both Korea. How Seoul was not sensitive?! Making the Stubborn North Korea angry!

The reason that wrote in those article was to makes South Korean soldiers. What! just about that reason! Why not Seoul use their popular drama to make their soldier having spirit to war…



Didn’t Seoul and PyongYang was too sick with their war? Germany and Vietnam has proving that the reconsiliation was the best way to make peace.

United States must to be left behind them! Who is America today? Nothing, but only Hollywood, friends.. [Afif E.]

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