What Is The Meaning of Democracy

The title of this article was “What is the meaning of democracy”. It is to remembering me of what kind of democracy that Indonesian seek for.
In 1945, when Indonesia was free from the dutch occupation, it was supposed that Sukarno was the best leader to guide this nation into the best wealthy that dreamed by my grand grand grand parents, and of course, by all of Indonesian. It was a jargon that say “Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi”, I don’t know what is the same meaning of that words in English. But, I think that “Wealthy People and Nation” could convert the words in English, I hope.
By the time, Sukarno then changed by Suharto, who then ruled arrogantly. He is ruled for thirty years. At the time, the situation made people to think that Sukarno was unable brought Indonesia becoming gemah ripah loh jinawi.
By 1998, the repressive Suharto era then turned into the Era Reformasi. It was believed that by having freedom to speak and to access to the democracy, people will get the gemah ripah loh jinawi state and condition. But sixteen years later it is still a dream.
By now, at the end of the days of 2014, I am still thinking, then what kind of democracy that Indonesia seek for?
Is it democracy, when we are go to the voting chamber, choosing a representative of DPR (Indonesia’s House of Representative)? By the time it is look alike all Indonesian going to do great and massive party, or that was Politicians’ party? That was become absurd for me, for several this years.
Several times I found pictures of Suharto with Javanese words there, “Piye Kabare, Enak Jaman toh?” (how is your day, better be in my era, right?), make me thinking. In a repressive era of a leader, Indonesian become gemah ripah loh jinawi. Even perhaps by make up. But it is feel by everybody. Even we then knew how is the repressive made a bloody price of history.
180 degree difference from Suharto’s era, The reformation era, corruption emerged everywhere. In every blood of Indonesian. Maybe corruption in Suharto’s era, corruption emerged in silent way, but today’s corruption, it is emerged bil Jamaah, the “bil jamaah” words used by me to interchanged the massive and with no shame of corruption. Do it together.
Flew away from Indonesia to the United States of America, the Uncle Sam. To the best of my knowledge, USA always sell their words, to help other country in every side of the world to held democratic life. Of course for prosperity and for wealthy. Then now on, we knew who was their victims. We can say, Afghanistan, the Arabs, and another countries. Was that democracy? Teaching Afghani Women about how to dress to be more western way.
Uh, I even don’t know what and where my article goes into. I just want to ask, what is the democracy about? [Afif E.]

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