The Main Factor of China’s Resurrection

Gregory C Chow’s book was something that I’ll discuss in my article. Entitled “Interpreting China’s Economy”, but I read the Indonesian translation one which entitled “Memahami Dahsyatnya Ekonomi China”. Inside the book we will found several information about China. Chow began the book by such a good single question, what is the main factor of China’s economy resurrection?

In several part of the book, Chow make a really deep point, that those main factor was the human of China, the Chinese itself. With the history of long life of Chinese culture and history, we could know some influence of Chinese till today, such as the Spaghetti of Italy, the ceramics in our homes, the Chinese in all of the earth. Who don’t know China and Chinese? Possibly very little people who don’t know China and Chinese.

Chow also shown some forecasting of the next destiny of China’s economy power. Chow stated that China’s economy will be greater that the USA in 2020. Chow’s forecast based on data between 1998 till 2007 that show economic data of both countries. Chow stated that between the period, USA show a very week number of economic development index, only at 2,8. But, in China’s side, they show an improvement average of their economic growth, recorded in 8,2. Based on that, Chow’s statement about both country was not impossible. Everything was possible, right?

We’ll see the fact about how China will be the next power of world’s economy. It is not hyperbolic when Cak Lontong, an Indonesian Comedian, said that, “God creates universe and its content, the rest created by China.” [Afif E.]

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