Why Charlie Hebdo Have Muhammad Label in Their Cartoon? Because Muhammad is a Famous Topic and Figure

Today’s Indonesia Headline is still about Charlie Hebdo. Of course, as a human kind, we are really sorry of what happened to the Charlie Hebdo’s employee. As a human kind, our heart will say that the terrorist must be too rude for doing the assassination.
We all knew today in this information technology era, everybody could make a news from where they are, even me from Indonesia include. Instead of a good think, the most seek news is a negative news, isn’t it? And Charlie Hebdo’s employee is a smart (but dumb) people about looking a good sensation.
After the first attack, of course they feel so pity by all mankind around the world. And of course, their magazine become famous, right? In order to repeat the same “success”, they repeat again to giving a label to one of their cartoon as Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).
Let’s think that employee of Charlie Hebdo need to eat. Without their magazine sold, they cannot eat. Who is figure in the earth that will be the most controversy if they say bad about? Of course Prophet Muhammad is the right figure, think the employee of Charlie Hebdo.
It is a proof that Prophet Muhammad is a famous person, famous figure. Even they were say bad, in fact people keep seeking the good (and the best) personal quality in Prophet Muhammad.
It is also a proof that, even Charlie Hebdo’s employee keep say bad about a figure like Prophet Muhammad, God “still” giving eat to the Charlie Hebdo’s employee and their family. Let’s giving a pity for them. They are a type of human with stuck rational who need to eat. Without “Muhammad Label” in their cartoon, they cannot get money, it’s mean, they cannot eat. Why? Because their magazine publicity are no one to read.
My message for Charlie Hebdo employee in Bahasa Indonesia, “Bersyukurlah, Tuhan masih memberi rejeki pada anak istri anda. Walaupun Nabi Muhammad kau jelek-jelekkan. Cuma ya gitu, hati-hati ya kalau jalan kaki, jangan terlalu pongah menghadap langit terus, nanti ada batu malah tersandung.”
What is the meaning in English? 🙂
Seek by yourself. Like you think, You are “the smartest” people in the world, right? 🙂 [Afif E]

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