English Movie Review (The Event)


Oh Mai Gat…. There’s a Ghost! 😀


This attendee speaks in English


Guess, what language she speaks in.

In May 27, 2015, started at 19.22 Indonesia Western Time, or we Indonesian always named as WIB, The English Movie Review of Qomaruddin School of Engineering (Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Qomaruddin Gresik) finally begun. The composition of the attendees was from all departments in Qomaruddin School of Engineering.
Even though the title of the event was English Movie Review, which is refer to the obligation for all attendees to speak in English only, at least it was not like that. The attendees were allowed to speak in Indonesian, or even in Javanese, during the event. So that day was an International language night, didn’t it? Since all of the attendees spoke in three different world languages. 😀
I certainly believe that their passion to came is more expensive than their ability to speak in English, at least for that day. Perhaps that day was their first time effort to speak in English during their lifetime, I guess.
And I certainly believe, learning to English, as like as learning to all kind of knowledge, was about the personal effort. So this kind of event must be held routinely. Even though we have no formal English educational background, have we? 🙂 [Afif E.]

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