Purwokerto City Square

Okay, after several times I procrastinate my self to write it, I will now discuss about Purwokerto City Square. Mostly, in Indonesia, city square called Alun-alun.
Back to my trip in Purwokerto City in Central Java Province. This city is the capital city of Banyumas Regency. So, what happened, or what things surrounding the square?
Okay. I could mention several building. The main building is the secretariat of Banyumas Regency, headed to the south. And then, in the western side of the square, there is a Mosque. It is written in its name wall, that this mosque was a Wakaf. A term in Islamic world for given things. Hopefully the term ‘given things’ could be best explain in exact meaning.
Then, facing the mosque, i.e in eastern side of the square is … I truly don’t know what it is. But I still keep it portrait in my smartphone. And the second thing that I didn’t know is a building in the southern side of the square. It is in building process when I took the picture in November 5th 2015. It is look like a mall, or even a governmental building. I don’t know. Maybe you reader could be best explain about this building.
Next to the square, there is a jail of Purwokerto. This jail belongs to Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Republik Indonesia.
When I arrived in this square, several seller was preparing for their groceries. Such as drink, peanuts, instant noodle, etc. I feel it is just like what happen in Gresik City Square. Yes it is a square, but turn to be a ‘shock market’ or Pasar Kaget in the night. Come, and see around Purwokerto City of Central Java Province. [Afif E.]

Alun alun 2

Kantor Bupati Banyumas (The head office of the Bupati of Purwokerto Regency)

Alun alun sisi timur

A building in eastern side of the Square

Alun Alun 3

Once again, a-building-in-progress, that I didn’t know what it is. 😦


Front of a Jail, next to the square

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