A Simple Special Gift

the old photograph of the gate of the Tomb of Sunan Giri

Sopo sing juara, mene tak ajak nang ngGresik (Javanese in Gresik-Surabaya accent, in English: whom will be the best rank in the class, I will took into a trip to Gresik).” that was a saying of one of my female cousin. My dear cousin that I will difficulty forget.
I didn’t realize exactly was that statement which was made me motivated, or any other else, but by the end of that Caturwulan, I became the second place in the class. That was happened when I was in the fifth grade of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (equal to Elementary School), and those years Indonesian school used a Caturwulan Curriculum. The caturwulan curriculum held exam in every four months every academic year.
Shortly, finally my cousin took us into Gresik City. Fulfilled her statement. She took I myself and two other of my cousins of the same age of me. The other destination of the trip was the Tomb of Sunan Giri. It was a tomb of Muslim from early Islamic era of nowadays Indonesia.
Actually Gresik city, East Java, Indonesia, is only took a half of hour using motorcycle from our neighborhood. But for a boy of fifth grade, it was a very special trip. Since my parents are rarely took me to those kind of trip at that time.
I hardly could forget that trip. A very special trip, from my cousin. Somehow, I want to ask her again today, is she want to take me to another trip? 🙂 [Afif E.]

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