For Many Indonesians, Bread is Only a Snack

Heading to my house in Gresik from ITS campus in Surabaya made me lazy to ride my motorcycle. Since it was rainy that day. The campus canteen was also closed already. How pity I was, I didn’t found something to eat in my bag.
Fortunately, there was a store opened those rainy afternoon. I went to the store, but the only food I could found was a big pack of bread. I bought it, and I ate them greedily, substituting my lunch. 😀
After getting eat the bread (or the lunch), I took my motorcycle and heading to Gresik. About thirty minutes before entering Gresik, I stop my motorcycle in a “warung” (spelled as: Wah-Roong). “Warung” is often a tent that held in sides of road, selling several kind of food, such as Nasi Ayam, Nasi Bebek, Nasi Goreng, etc. You will find a lot of warung like this in Indonesia.
Ok. Then, what I did in those warung? I eat rice! I swear I eat a plate full of rice. Then, what about the bread for the lunch? Without rice, I feel I was not eat yet. The bread for me is only a snack! 😀
That was an example, how for many Indonesians, bread is only a snack. You can read about how Indonesian struggling to find rice in abroad. 😀
Did not eat rice, make us feel that we not eat yet. We must eat rice! Then, what about the bread.
Once again, the bread is only a snack. You will find bread served in several party or wedding ceremony only as a snack! 😀 maybe that’s why I could conclude that for many Indonesians, bread is only a snack. [Afif E.]

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