Speaking About Feeling in a Meeting

Feel, Show, then Say. A picture from <http://www.oneclearmessage.co.za/presentation-skills-feel-show-say/&gt;

Having a meeting several days ago, I actually can speak nothing. Really. I won’t write down here what the matter was. But overall it was about personal conflict.
I can only compare it with our likeness in a food. “why you like eat chocolate?”, “why you like eat Nasi Goreng?”, such kind of those questions, I will only answer because I like it, and I have no any advance and further explanation.
If I could choose, I will choose to not speak about feeling, especially in a meeting. I better be choosing a ‘safe’ choice such as, who will do this task, who will do that task. And I will not ask any further about how percentage of the happiness who took the responsibility or task. Even though I realize it is really important. But at least till write down this post, I will choose to speak about task than feeling.
Perhaps because of this reason, I called my self an unromantic boy. Since I hardly could define and explain my feeling, at least in spoken way. Weird, huh? 😀 [Afif E.]

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