Bizim Hikaye: A Sweet Memory Inside Struggles

Poster of Bizim Hikaye (from Wikipedia)

Caught by police because of writing a text, Ismail Akanci left his wife, and three children. Taking his life in Prisoned for years. Years later Ismail’s oldest son, Ahmet Akanci, struggling for the freedom status of his beloved father.
Those are one of great line of Turkish movie, Bizim Hikaye (in English: Our Story). Played by Cansel Elcin as Ismail Akanci, Haluk Piyes as Ahmet Akanci, and several name of actor and actress.
Among several scene, this movie also serving a love story, between Ahmet Akanci and Elif (played by Burcu Kiratli). This is the great line of my article. Since the narrative side of their love simply light but strong in deepest symbols.


Ismail Akanci (played by Cansel Elcin)

Ahmet and Elif

Ahmet Akanci (played by Haluk Piyes)

We won’t found any kissing scene between them. There is only several symbols, such as giving book from Ahmet to Elif.
Even though this movie presenting woman in hijab, we still could see the deepest feeling of the love story. Of course there is also jealousy when Elif saw Ahmet talk with Nesrim (played by Naz Elmas).
Interesting to see this movie. Even though I couldn’t find the English subtitle movie online, and I can’t find any synopsis of this movie written in English, but the love language of this movie can still being caught. Take a look to this beautiful movie. 🙂 [Afif E.]

5 thoughts on “Bizim Hikaye: A Sweet Memory Inside Struggles

  1. Fatma berkata:

    Voaw really surprized. This movie make me tears. Thank you for your writing.

  2. Muhammad Afif Effendi berkata:

    it’s a pleasure… 🙂

  3. ferris hafizi berkata:

    Do you know where can I find this movie with English subtitles? By the way, I’m from Malaysia. Thanks!

  4. Muhammad Afif Effendi berkata:

    Unfortunately, I also couldn’t find any English translation of the movie. I follow the plot by read the Arabic subtitle, and also follow several Turkish words I knew a little. Can you follow the story line?

  5. Ferris Hafizi berkata:

    No not really. I still couldn’t find though. I would appreciate if someone can come out with the translation. You are good. Thanks so much for your reply.

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