Write Often!

okay, this is my article I proposed to submit, or maybe practice for an online course. The suggestion of the course said that I should write often in order to shaping my writing ability, especially in English.

Before came to the Madura Island today, I saw several phenomena. The rising sun, cold weather, rushing people go to work site, myself include.

The trip hour from my home to my new work place in Madura Island spend about two hours. But, under condition I took the start earlier from home, when the road still quite. I took my start trip today at 5 AM, and arrived in Madura Island at 6.45 AM. About an hour and forty five minutes. Sooner is better. 🙂

That was my day today. I will continue another notes another day. See you tomorrow. [Afif E.]

4 thoughts on “Write Often!

  1. Nacho berkata:

    Hi Afif, well done. Remember the more you practice the better you will be. Just to send greetings from Nepal. Nacho

  2. Muhammad Afif Effendi berkata:

    Thank you so much Nacho… 🙂

  3. Dorothy berkata:

    A daily blog is a great idea! Do you post from your phone, or a laptop, or some other device?

    Just a thought–to encourage more comments, especially from people who are not used to WordPress, see if you can change the form to English (I mean the form below the comment, which asks for people’s name, email, etc.).

  4. Muhammad Afif Effendi berkata:

    Thank you Dorothy, 🙂

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