This is New Year’s Eve, eh?

Surabaya last 2013. I rushed to a flight with a friend of mine. We were going to Kuala Lumpur that day. Even though we were late several minutes, thankfully the officers in Bandara Juanda still gave us permission to go to the plane.

By then, that was us, in Kuala Lumpur’s LCCT. Traveling for the first time in a foreign country. Where we went into? We just flew with the crowd flow of people. Later, we stayed at my friend’s brother apartment. He was a migrant worker in Kuala Lumpur.

Second day in Kuala Lumpur. Everyone next to me spoke about party and party. Several people talk about KLCC’s Petronas Tower, but most of them agreed with Dataran Merdeka to go to. What about me? I did not understood at all at those time. Something I really want to do was just travelled around KL!

Still in the second day of mine in Kuala Lumpur. Around by eight at Kuala Lumpur time, we—by group—headed to Dataran Merdeka for some party I did not realised yet. And I did not ask anybody, including to my friend. Once again, the only thing I thought at the time was traveling the KL.


Walking heading to Dataran Merdeka, after we got the road was closed, and can not passed by our taxi

We, the group, headed to Dataran Merdeka by commuter, then taxi. But suddenly our taxi stop at a crossroad. “Why?” my friend’s brother ask the driver. The blockade answer the question: the access road to Dataran Merdeka was closed.

The commuter was crowded, the street was crowded. And of course along the road people getting talks each other. They were also going to the same party, perhaps. By then we walk. Heading to Dataran Merdeka of Kuala Lumpur.

Getting closed to the Dataran Merdeka there were so much crowded people. And then I just realized, in my own head I thought: “this is New Year’s eve, eh?!!”


Reaching the Dataran Merdeka, I just realised the eve 😀 😀 😀

How could I just realized that! that day was a New Year’s eve of 2013 to 2014! #LOL 😀 😀 😀 😀 [Afif E.]

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