Sadece Sen: a Good Cycle Love Story

Suddenly a girl, named Hazal, threw everything to Ali at his first night job in a parking lot. Ali just realized that Hazal did not recognized him, she was half blind. So he just received they stuffs she threw into.

Those scene was part of a 2014 Turkish film entitled “Sadece Sen” (Turkish: Only You). Played by Belcim Belgin as Hazal, and Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali, the film served a drama love story between a half blind girl and a former boxer. In short, Ali and Hazal was in love. For not so long, Ali just realized who Hazal was, related to his dark past. In Ali’s mind, he was the cause of Hazal’s blind eyes through an accident he was incidentally.

Sadece Sen’s Poster (Source: Hakan Yonat’s Twitter)

Having a guilty feeling, Ali decided to endangered his life by following a dangerous boxing competition in Bulgaria. That was for getting money for Hazal’s eye surgery. Then, is the surgery succeeded? Can Hazal knew that Ali dead for her? Then, if Ali was dead, how the love story has its ending?

Sadece Sen; a former Boxer and a half blind girl (source:

This movie was a good movie by director Hakan Yonat. The plot can not be predicted, but in a simple-but-still-full-of-conflict flow. Nice film! A good cycle love story. [Afif E.]


The Year of Living Dangerously: Jakarta During 1960’s Riots

I even did not birth yet, when chaos happened in Jakarta during 1960’s. That was what we called the year of Impeachment of Sukarno, Indonesia’s first president. That background also brought to vast reader and viewer through novel and movie entitled the Year of Living Dangerously.

Those title claimed as a translation of Sukarno’s word “TAVIP: Tahun Vivo Pericoloso”. The word is a combination of Indonesian and Italian language.
Back to the movie, it was produced by Hollywood in 1982. Starred by Mel Gibson in his very young age. Played as a journalist in Indonesia during the chaos, that emerged from the 30 September movement. The history of the tragedy itself did not clear yet, until today. Still has lots of question till today.
Watching the movie, I realized that Indonesia was the background when I saw the middle part of the movie. Why I could recognized Indonesia as its background? Because the setting of the shooting was not taken in Jakarta! It was the Phillipine! Why?
Several comments in YouTube on the movie trailer said that, the producer did something wrong. Caused it must be took the picture in Jakarta. Since the story was about Jakarta during the riot of 1960’s.
Of course the producer was not wrong. They did not got the permit from Government of Indonesia to took the picture in Jakarta. If we saw the era of the movie, it was New Order of Suharto era. The other dictator, several block of people said like that.
Even though the movie did not taken in Jakarta, the director still tried to depicted several icons of Jakarta, such as Tugu Selamat Datang, etc.
As an Indonesian, I really proud that Indonesia taken as a background of Hollywood movie. I only mean to talk about the background. Same hits also happened during Julia Roberts’ movie, Eat Pray Love, took pictures in Bali island of Indonesia.
Whether Hollywood wants to reproduce the movie into the newer version, it must be have a great enthusiasm from Indonesian and the Government. Especially from Indonesian Actors and Actresses. It must be wonderful. The year of Living Dangerously: Jakarta During 1960’s riots. [Afif E.]

Bizim Hikaye: A Sweet Memory Inside Struggles

Poster of Bizim Hikaye (from Wikipedia)

Caught by police because of writing a text, Ismail Akanci left his wife, and three children. Taking his life in Prisoned for years. Years later Ismail’s oldest son, Ahmet Akanci, struggling for the freedom status of his beloved father.
Those are one of great line of Turkish movie, Bizim Hikaye (in English: Our Story). Played by Cansel Elcin as Ismail Akanci, Haluk Piyes as Ahmet Akanci, and several name of actor and actress.
Among several scene, this movie also serving a love story, between Ahmet Akanci and Elif (played by Burcu Kiratli). This is the great line of my article. Since the narrative side of their love simply light but strong in deepest symbols.


Ismail Akanci (played by Cansel Elcin)

Ahmet and Elif

Ahmet Akanci (played by Haluk Piyes)

We won’t found any kissing scene between them. There is only several symbols, such as giving book from Ahmet to Elif.
Even though this movie presenting woman in hijab, we still could see the deepest feeling of the love story. Of course there is also jealousy when Elif saw Ahmet talk with Nesrim (played by Naz Elmas).
Interesting to see this movie. Even though I couldn’t find the English subtitle movie online, and I can’t find any synopsis of this movie written in English, but the love language of this movie can still being caught. Take a look to this beautiful movie. 🙂 [Afif E.]

Polygamy and a Simple Untold Story About Paradise

Stories about polygamy still became hits till recent days. There are pros and cons. For the pros one, they gave a reasoning that religion gave a permission on that through a strict rule. Especially in Islam law or shariah. Even though actually Islam is not the pioneer in polygamy. Several nation do this, far before Muhammad born.
For the cons, polygamy is a harrashment for women. It is something that did not reflecting gender equity at all.
Borrowing from Quraish Shihab explanations in his books, I gather several understanding, and try to reason about it. For example about gender equity which is a reason for the cons to refuse polygamy. Lets having assumption that polygamy is refused. Then, what next? What about the need of lots of women about marriage? Do we after refusing polygamy mean that the women does not need marriage? Or, sorry, do women does not need men? Once we could not gather a product of livestock, we will looking for another alternatives. I think it will be the same about marriage. Once a women could not get a men as a husband, they could possibly having affair with another woman’s husband. Is it the “best” alternatives? Let’s think about it passing the basic need, not only in the surface.
This story, about polygamy, also being screened in the 2015 Indonesian movie entitled “Surga yang Tak Dirindukan” (Unwanted Paradise). A very simple story about marriage conflict of polygamy. The conflict getting arose when Meirose (played by actress Raline Shah) became the second wife of Prasetya (played by actor Fedi Nuril). The marriage is something broken Arini’s heart (played by actress Laudya Cinthia Bella). In my opinion, the story of this movie is a really simple story, but with a strong stressing on our questions about polygamy.
Several scene left questions for the viewer. Such as in the final scene, when Meirose left Prasetya and Arini’s life. What will be done by Meirose? In what status she left Prasetya? Is she still a wife of him, or she will be divorced by Prasetya? “Surga yang Tak Dirindukan”, polygamy and a simple untold story about paradise. [Afif E.]

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Surga yang Tak Dirindukan: A Very Simple Deep Story

Kisah tentang poligami masih menjadi perdebatan hingga kini. Bagi yang pro, ia mengajukan dalil bahwa agama sudah menuntun demikian. Ia juga bukanlah domain syariat Islam. Banyak kaum terdahulu yang juga melakukannya. Bagi kaum yang kontra, poligami tidak lebih dari pelecehan terhadap perempuan. Bagi beberapa pihak, poligami sendiri tidaklah mencerminkan kesetaraan gender.
Mengambil sudut pandang yang pro, sambil saya menerjemahkan penalaran yang dijelaskan oleh Quraish Shihab untuk diri saya sendiri, apa sebenarnya yang kita cari dari kesetaraan-kesetaraan gender yang banyak didengungkan? Tidakkah kaum wanita juga membutuhkan pernikahan? Lantas, jika sudah memiliki kesetaraan antara laki-laki dan perempuan, bagaimanakah beban kebutuhan pribadi yang harus ditanggung oleh sekian banyak perempuan? Sekali lagi menilik dari statistika yang diajukan oleh yang pro, bahwa jumlah perempuan jauh lebih banyak daripada laki-laki.
Kisah tentang poligami ini juga yang diangkat dalam film Surga yang Tak Dirindukan. Sebuah film kesekian yang diangkat dari novel karya Asma Nadia. Sebuah kisah sederhana tentang kehidupan rumah tangga Prasetya dan Arini, yang bergulat dengan konflik saat Meirose masuk di dalamnya.
Sebuah kisah sederhana. Tentang pergulatan yang tidak tuntas, atau tidak dituntaskan dalam film ini. Misalnya saja di bagian akhir film ini. Dimana Meirose memutuskan untuk pergi dari kehidupan Prasetya dan Arini. Lantas apa yang dilakukan Meirose? Dalam status apa Meirose pergi? Masih istri Prasetya ataukah sudah dalam status janda? Tak jelas rimbanya. Namun ini adalah sebuah film, yang menyisakan pertanyaan dan bahan renungan bagi setiap kita, untuk merenungkan baik-baik sebelum bersikap tentang poligami. Surga yang Tak Dirindukan, sebuah kisah sederhana dengan cerita mendalam di dalamnya. [Afif E.]

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Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi: When Eylül Forget About Tek

the Movie poster

Got a tragic accident, Eylül’s life drastically changed. Amnesia erased several memories of the pretty girl. Since she lost her last month memories just before the tragedy happened. Day after day, Eylül began did something strange as usual she. She also forget about Tek.
“Merhaba (hello),” said Tek one day, when Eylul revisited Reklama, Bozca Island (Tenedos), days after the accident.
But Eylul getting angry to him, since she didn’t recognized him. She even couldn’t remember who was the man in front of her. What was happened with Eylül? What happened in the island the last month that she forget about?
Who is Tek? And how come she forget a man who loved her? It all was a story of Turkish film entitled “Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi” (English: A Small September Affair). The film was stared by Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Engin Akyürek.
Produced by Ay Yapim production house, this 2014 film present Akyürek acted as a very different person than in his 2014-2015 TV series, Kara Para Ask (English: Black Money Love). If in the series Akyürek act as a brave and good policeman, in the movie he played a role as Tek, a painter. After his first meeting with Eylül in a cafe, the story had begun.
Then, how Eylül got her last month memories back? Could she remember Tek? You all must watch this 1:42 duration movie. It a must to see. Seni Seviyorum! 🙂 [Afif E.]

Haji Backpacker: Pengobatan Hati Berbiaya Tinggi

Haji_backpackerKota Bangkok di suatu malam. Mada, seorang Indonesia usai berpesta dengan temannya yang seorang kaukasia. Dalam kondisi mabuk berat, ia malah bertikai dengan geng jalanan Bangkok dan membunuh salah satu dedengkotnya. Selanjutnya ia diburu oleh anggota geng tersebut untuk dibantai. Scene di Bangkok Thailand ini menjadi awal film aktor Abimana Aryasatya. Bukan “Kota” Bangkok di Kabupaten Lamongan Jawa Timur loh… 😀 .
Film yang hampir seluruhnya berlatar di luar Indonesia ini merupakan film di tahun 2014, dan film kesekian yang menjual kisah tentang luar negeri. Sebelumnya, Abimana juga melakoni dua film “serupa” hasil adopsi dari buku karya Hanum Salsabila.
Jika dalam dua film sebelumnya Abimana berperan sebagai “suaminya” Hanum, yang seorang calon doktor, tidak demikian dalam Haji Backpacker. Mada adalah seorang sakit hati yang berusaha mengobati sakit hati akibat ditinggal lari kekasihnya di hari akad nikah. Terdamparlah ia Bangkok, dalam rangka mengobati hati. Model pengobatan hati berbiaya tinggi, menurut saya.
Secara kisah, film ini lebih menyuguhkan kisah luar negerinya. Konflik di dalamnya masih terasa numpang lewat. Saking ‘rakusnya’ mengisahkan jalan cerita di banyak negara, kisah antar tokoh terasa lalu, kecuali kisah antara Mada dan Sofia (Dewi Sandra) yang memang inti kisah sakit hati dalam film ini.
Sebut saja konflik antara Mada dan Marbel alias Maryati (Laudya Cynthia Bella). Terasa numpang lewat dan gregetnya kurang berasa. Lalu tiba-tiba saat di Yunan, Tiongkok, malah nongol wajah Laura Basuki sebagai Suchun. Eh, itu Laura Basuki atau bukan sih? (Loh? Kok malah balik nanya??).
Inilah juga sayangnya. Udah kadung ‘bondo’ kenapa nggak sekalian mendapuk pemain Tiongkok sungguhan? Disamping beberapa figuran yang memang dari orang lokal. Berbekal paras Tiongkoknya, Laura Basuki didapuk memerankan seorang muslimah Tiongkok. Kan sayang. (ah, banyak komentar nih orang! 😀 ).
Berbagai simbol maupun kekhasan dari tiap negara diambil dalam gambar film berdurasi lebih dari sejam ini. Sebut saja gapura dan Masjid Sunan Ampel Surabaya, simbol Vietnam, perbukitan dan alam Yunan, peribadatan di Tibet, kegiatan masyarakat Asia Selatan, hingga simbol utama dalam film ini, Ka’bah.
At least, two thumbs up! Diluar kekurangan yang ada, patut diapresiasi film Indonesia yang mulai bergeliat ini. Selamat menyaksikan. Saya mau berkemas, menata tas Backpack saya dulu. 🙂 [Afif E.]