Ramadan 2015: From Indonesia For World Peace (1)

And now Muslim around the world entering month of Ramadan, one of the months in Hijriyah calendar, Muslim’s calendar which is based on moon cycle. In 2015, in Indonesia, fasting Ramadan started in today, 18 of June 2015, or first of Ramadan 1436 Hijriyah.
From now on, and started in this year, I’ll write a lot about Ramadan and what is going on with Ramadan? What Muslims do during Ramadan? Of course, what I’ll tell you all is what happen here in my home country, Indonesia.
By entitling this article with “From Indonesia For World Peace”, I hope I could contribute to the peace of the world through my articles about Ramadan. I want to give some other perspective that non-Muslims get wrong information about Muslims from media bias.
As an information, even though Indonesia has Muslim as the biggest population, this country was not an Islamic State. But, since its population is Muslim in majority, of course the color of its culture has impact.
Hopefully my articles in this Ramadan Mubarak will have added value for all of you. Thanks for coming and reading. Terima Kasih (Indonesian: Thank You). [Afif E.]