The Kids’ Priceless Coins


Knocking the Doors…

Getting two little girls knocking the door of my parent house, I suddenly want to write about the thing that I my self do it at my childhood. What the girls intended to? So they came to my parent’s house?

Bubur Ayam (Chicken Pouridge): only as illustration of what the two girls give to me. Since I ‘slurp’ all the bubur. 😀 😀 😀

It is because they give ‘Bancaan’ (spell it as “Ban-Cha-Ahn”). ‘Bancaan’ is a term used in my neighborhood in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia, to call food or even snacks which is given to several neighbor to present thanks to Allah SWT. Sadly I did not took the picture of the Bancaan which the two girls give to us. Not because the food unpleasant, no. It is because the food is I ‘slurp’ directly, then I just realized that I have no picture of it to present for this article! 😀 😀 😀

jalan pulang 1-marked

Happy after receive coins – the two girls in motion. They didn’t realize I took the picture of them.

jalan pulang 2-marked

Happy after receive coins – in motion 2 🙂

What I want to stressed in this article is not the food. What I want to say is, every child in my neighbor will very pleasant whether an adult put an order to the kids, for serving the food to all neighbor. Why? Because our neighbor will give us coins of money! 🙂 :)) 😀
I think it is the kids’ priceless coins. Since they will keep it tightly. Even days after, they won’t used the coins to buy any snacks. They will.


Heading to the House, told everyone in the house about the coins :))

What is the most exciting ‘job’ than this! We only need to bring the food, we knocking the doors of our neighbor, we serve the food to them, they will say “wait a minute” to us, and then… They give us coins! Since very rare transaction done using coin nowadays, the kids will receive at least 500 rupiahs, till 2000 rupiahs or more.
And that was what I really did like! 🙂 [Afif E.]

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