There is No Doraemon’s Pocket

The Doraemon First Appearance, as written in Wikipedia

Having a chat with a friend of mine, just remind me that there is not only WANT to be needed in order to reach our dream, but also a FAITH. The chat also remind me that we are not a Japanese cartoon’s character named Nobita who has cat robot called Doraemon beside him. We are not.
Dream is will be just a dream if we have no hard work for it. No gain no pain. So we must work as hard as possible to the limits and boundary of ourselves.
Is it sick. Yes, it makes us sick. Very deep down in illness in some several times. Making us in deep depression, if we have no faith.
So, what will we do to get better faith and to be patient? Should we turn down our dream? I refer to Mario Teguh’s word, an Indonesian motivator, that most of people turn down their dream after several years didn’t come true. Mario Teguh said that we may not to be like this. What people should do is, to strengthen and uprising the personal quality, so we could gather even higher than what we dream at the first time.
Bismillah… O Allah… Please keep us strengthen in the next days. The days that will not get easier, even harder.
Once again, we are not Nobita who has a friend called Doraemon. Because there is no Doraemon’s pocket which is give everything instantly. There is no Doraemon’s pocket! Ganbatte! [Afif E.]