A Weird and Terrified Thinking About Islam

Todays perhaps still the most spoken topic is about Islam and muslim itself. Yeah, I will write in this article mostly about that. Perhaps I am muslim, so some of you will have skeptis thinking about this article.
It is Charlie Hebdo office assassination that once again bring Islam in international worst news about. Once again, another muslim did it!
I introduce you all to a profession called ‘Marbot’. A profession that clean and keep mosque ready for praying every day for another muslim. In my Kampung, marbot usually done all-day-all-hours job. Imagine, muslim pray five times a day. And each time, Marbot must ensure that the floor of the mosque keep clean along that time. Along that time brother… A little bit difference with an office boy of supermarket or kind of that. BUT, they were paid cheaply, since they work till today. Did not same like the office boy who has less work time than a Marbot.
During my surfing di Google, I found a sceptical opinion that Charlie Hebdo assassination was done by ALL muslim around the world. My question is, ARE YOU SURE? Have you done a survey? Or you are a kind of frog inside of a dark box? With no knowledge of how so big the world than your box is?
Please, be open minded. Don’t too judge that a particular muslim doing assassination doesn’t mean all muslim around the world do that! See that Marbot that I wrote above? Are they even understand where is Paris? Where is Charlie Hebdo’s office? I don’t think that they knew it. So, please, don’t generalized that all muslim do that. Let’s see it as terrorism matter itself, and not bring a bigger part of muslim. [Afif E.]