Reading The Israeli Story

After reading a comment on UOPeople Students Facebook Group, there are “protest” to post article in English. Ok, I’ll try to post in Englih, event maybe my English not too good. Here’s the full article that I try to translate. 🙂

Interesting for me to follow story about the Israeli, one of semitic nation. In lesson that I had receive in madrasah, the Israeli and the Arab was brother with different mother and one father, that is Ibrahim or Abraham (alaihissalam). The Arab (Ismael or Ismail) was son of Hajar or Hager, and Israel (Isaac or Ishaq) was son of Sarah. You all may to critize this whole article, but, with some proper prove. Or even just to correct the English side of this article 🙂

Let’s go to about the Israeli. Start from Prophet Yusuf (Joseph), whom after free from prison ad then become one of statesmen of ancient egypt kingdom. Yusuf then brought his family to lived in Egypt. For the next centuries–now we turn to the time of Moses. The Israeli time are turn from the owner family of Yusuf to become slave of Egyptian.

So, the existing of Moses at the time was like a fresh air for The Israelis, by having their own prophet from their own nation. But, like what in the tell, that Israeli was too stubborn, they refuse the “idea” of Moses to bring them out from Egypt. Cause Egyptian was make them as slave! But, by then finally The Israeli was get out from Egypt, go to “the promised land.”

Let’s go to the next centuries. This time we come to the era when Israeli met The Roman Kingdom. There was a conflict and then become a war between The Kingdom of Judah (Israeli) and Roman. Israeli was failed in this war. The Israeli was exile from their own homeland. This era was what called the Diaspora of Israel. The time when Israel become exiled from their own state, country, or homeland. They spread out far away from middle east. Some of them in Europe and any other region.

Ok, then, let’s go to the next story when Israeli become on of European civil. Lived in Europe at the Germany Nazi Era as an Israel was to scary, perhaps. Doesn’t it too scary when we are haunted by those crazy army of Nazi? that always ready to kill if we were an Israel??? That was the era of Holocaust. The dark era of modern Europe at the time. (followed by another dark story in the ex-Yugoslavia region).

let’s go to the next page of our story. The time when Ben Gurion proclaimed The State of Israel.

The Proclaim it self was finally having controversy until today. Today, there are still some bodies that have no diplomatic affair with Israel, at all. This is as a protest on “cruel action” of Israeli to palestinian, the Arab that still their own brother!

We see until today, when Israeli sometimes bombing or expelled Palestinian from their land. (and there are intifada as the result!).

I don’t want to give my opinion in this long case (Israeli-Palestinian conflict). What I want to say(or ask) is, “what will happen to Israeli in the future, when all nation of the world are too angry, too boring with the stubborn of Israeli in Palestinian conflict???” We can say that today Israeli have “power” from their lobbying politics. Yes, for now. Is it forever they could hang on their lobby?

I Just ask in my self. Is there any “the second Israeli slavery time?” when all nations in the world are angry to Israel. Or, is there any “Second Diaspora of Israel?”, or Is there any “second Holocaust to Israel?” when all nations in the world too disgusted??? I don’t know. Let the time answer it. []