Doubt on The Body of Arjuno


Blur, uncertainty road to the peak

April 2013. My sudden doubtful arose, after getting information from the Students Mount Hiking Organization (at those time named MAPALA) of Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Qomaruddin Gresik. The info said that we would heading to the feet of mount Arjuno using motorcycle. How could I can’t to doubt, since my motorcycle was an old one. But I keep going on with the motorcycle to keep I myself hiking to mount Arjuno.
Then the day came. Following the students of Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Qomaruddin Gresik to hike the mountain which located between Mojokerto, Pasuruan and several residence in East Java Province, Indonesia. That days, was the first time I hiked a mount. Look at my notes about the days (in Bahasa Indonesia).
Step by step I made my feet step on the mount. It has two peaks actually, the Welirang and Arjuno. At a turning point, we could choose to hike one or both of them. At that time, we hike the Arjuno Peak.


Feeling totally free when getting the peak! 🙂

Since I was an amateur, I believed from the beginning that I would be had a bad hike. And that was true. My body get heavy sweat, hard fatigue, since I broke the advice from the student that I should made routine exercise days before the hike.
In the middle of the hiking road, I get desperate and asking to myself, “where is the peak? How long is it remained? Can my body keep stronger to get to the peak?”. There was a little intention in my head to just go back. But I don’t knew the way back. The journey must go on. Kept walking, I keep also in my mind, how pity I was. When everybody could brought a huge carrier in their back, I could not control myself. After all I just kept walking following the track. And finally I reached the peak of Arjuno. A very long time dream that I really want it.
By the time, I remember those days experiences, and reflecting today crowded jam in my head. Is it the same thing? Getting confused, full of doubt, in a journey of my own. Since in this journey I will be on my own feet. No one will stand or guiding together like in the Arjuno. It’s only me (even though of course I won’t be). Better be I keep stepping on the track. Don’t let them down me! [Afif E.]