What a Scottish Think about Scotland Referendum Thing?

During my hours waiting for a home flight from Singapore to Surabaya, I met Madeline. We had several talks on different topics at the moment. I knew her name was Madeline after read her necklace which was her name written in Arabic. I only guessed it, and she said yes to what I guessed. 🙂
She came from Scotland. Having heard Madeline’s answer of the origin where she came from, I remember a book of Indonesian writer, Trinity. Trinity wrote that backpackers of United States always named them selves as the US states where they came from, rather than called them selves as a US citizen. But now, Trinity should add this one, that Scottish also identified them selves as Scottish rather than as a “UK” citizen. 😀
Also, remembered about Scotland, I just reminded about Scotland Referendum. I always asking to my self, is there any discrimination to Scottish done by British Government. When I ask the question to Madeline, she said there is no discrimination to Scottish.
Or, is the referendum more about identity? Scottish Identity? Madeline said, no. Even she was still answer and show her identity as a Scottish. Since as Indonesian I never said to foreigner: I came from East Java, to refer my origin. But Madeline prefer to introduce her “Scottish-ness” rather than her UK. So, I really curious, is it more about a nation identity.
But, Madeline said, NO. It is not about identity or anything else. In Madeline point of view, it was all about politic and power. Even she thinks ridiculous for Scotland having a different parliament.
Is this article representative to the majority of Scottish? I don’t think so. What about you oh Scottish all around the world? [Afif E.]