Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi: When Eylül Forget About Tek

the Movie poster

Got a tragic accident, Eylül’s life drastically changed. Amnesia erased several memories of the pretty girl. Since she lost her last month memories just before the tragedy happened. Day after day, Eylül began did something strange as usual she. She also forget about Tek.
“Merhaba (hello),” said Tek one day, when Eylul revisited Reklama, Bozca Island (Tenedos), days after the accident.
But Eylul getting angry to him, since she didn’t recognized him. She even couldn’t remember who was the man in front of her. What was happened with Eylül? What happened in the island the last month that she forget about?
Who is Tek? And how come she forget a man who loved her? It all was a story of Turkish film entitled “Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi” (English: A Small September Affair). The film was stared by Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Engin Akyürek.
Produced by Ay Yapim production house, this 2014 film present Akyürek acted as a very different person than in his 2014-2015 TV series, Kara Para Ask (English: Black Money Love). If in the series Akyürek act as a brave and good policeman, in the movie he played a role as Tek, a painter. After his first meeting with Eylül in a cafe, the story had begun.
Then, how Eylül got her last month memories back? Could she remember Tek? You all must watch this 1:42 duration movie. It a must to see. Seni Seviyorum! 🙂 [Afif E.]