I Lost February

This is my own target that I wanna have at least an article a month for my blog post. But I lost February 2017! Since I did not wrote any article for the blog last month.
Huff, how come. Is it because of my routine agenda? I don’t think so. It is seems more about I did not spend any time just for write! Even for an article.
Actually there were so much incident, moment, and even days that I could tell and write for the blog. For example how I suppose that February had another day after its 28th! Another was my arm which was hurt, I didn’t knew by what, but after I did medical check up, it was because muscle acid in my arm. (am I right by using “muscle acid” term?).
But I can’t repaid the time, right? So, let it be my notice, that I should write, eventhough only an article in a month. [Afif E.]

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