Who Will Be the Next Indonesian Farmers?

Instead of having an article which is concise and full of progression, this my article is full of questions. Especially the question of mine.

Having a trip, in every near located area, I always saw the wonderful agriculture landscape of Indonesian farmers. Enlisted the richness of Indonesian soil. But when I saw the farmers, averagely I met only old people. Where is the youth farmers? If these old people died, as a nature consequences, who will be the next Indonesian farmers?

Beside industries growth, information technology advancement, trading and business with high value of money, is it only enough for supporting Indonesia in the future? I don’t think so. Agriculture is one of basic need of Indonesian people. So, it is still have to be enhanced.

I still remember a quotation a grasp from a 2013 general lecture session by PT. Petrokimia Gresik (one of the biggest fertilizer factory of Indonesia). The lecture session held in Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Qomaruddin Gresik, Indonesia. The speaker said that the competitor of Petrokimia is not another fertilizer factory. Its competitor is internet providers! How come?

Yes, it is come real! Since the farmers’ kids nowadays are addicted with the internet, social media, an so on. The consequence is the money for buying fertilizer being reduced for buying cellphone credits. I think this phenomenon was part of global phenomenon, which is people nowadays always keep looking at their cellphone of smartphone. But affecting the agriculture world.

From these condition, once again I keep my question: who will be the next Indonesian farmers? Is it really important for having those advancement, while we left the agriculture behind? [Afif E.]

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